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About Us

Knopka.ca offers Russian speaking Canadians latest news, community information, and media content since 2017, all in their native language.

Our mission is to provide accurate and up to date information. We understand, that being part of the community is being aware of the events that shape Canada, our country. We strive to cover the most important issues. We help new immigrants integrate by telling the latest stories via text and video. The best gratuity to our work is the fact that since our first day the audience of Knopka.ca has been growing constantly.

Please, read about our editorial standards and journalistic principles

Mailing address for enquiries:
Media Plus Solutions Inc,
10520 Yonge Street, Unit 35B, Suite 225, Richmond Hill,
ON, Canada,

Tel: +1 647 2830640

Knopka.ca online staff

Olga Kileev - Chief Editor

Yuri Kileev - Senior director, director of editorial standards


KNOPKA is a registered trademark in Canada

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